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Epigenovix Diagnostics is preventing diseases and reducing global health disparity through research and education

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Our Vision

To be a global leader in unlocking the epigenetic-environment interactions in predicting health outcome.

Our Direction

Provide research assistance to the Biomedical Research Community and Hospitals

In this era of big data and genomic medicine, Epigenovix is poised to utilize cutting edge tools in Molecular Biology and Biochemical laboratory research as well as provide current teaching and education in gene-environment interaction and health risk and disease detection to improve health outcome.

Our Services

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In vitro diagnostic lab tests

At Epigenovix Diagnostics we are dedicated to delivering the most accurate results of early-stage cancer screening from liquid biopsies and solid tissues

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Single nucleotide polymorphisms

Epigenovix Diagnostic approach for DNA methylation analysis is based on bisulfite conversion followed by sequencing (high-throughput quantitative pyrosequencing approach).

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Epigenovix Educational Services

Our educational approach is to inform the general public topic related to cancer prevention and early detection, health disparities and risk factors associated with chronic diseases.

Our Publications

We have authored of over 33 peer-reviewed research manuscripts; several in top tier journals including Nature Genetics, Cancer Research, PNAS and Epigenetics.

Causes and Controversies

Understanding Risk Reduction and Prevention describes common risk factors associated with particular types of cancer, including genetic predisposition, radiation and chemical carcinogens, diet, hormonal factors, infection, and smoking.

Health Outcomes in a Foreign Land

The role of epigenetic-environment interaction describes the complex causes of health disparities affecting minorities, in particular African Americans, and explains how this knowledge can be used to reduce their destructive effects.

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer

Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer provides a comprehensive analysis of epigenetic signatures that govern disease development, progression and metastasis.

Check the Fats

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CHECK THE FATS! Eliminate chronic diseases describe the complexities in food metabolism involving hormones, gut microbiome, sleep patterns, genetic traits in regulating energy intake, expenditure and storage in the form of fat.

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